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Why Your Job Can Stop You Embracing Change

And today I’m going to talk to you about why your job can stop you adapting to change.

Psychologists have discovered that there are two different ways to express a goal that depending on your personality and natural mindset can be very important with respect to how motivating we find it. They’ve found that there are things called promotion goals and prevention goals.

Promotion goals are when you try to run a fun run or your 10k run or half marathon or something like that you’ve never done before. So it’s about achieving things you’ve never done before and getting gains.

Prevention goals are about hanging on to what you’ve got and avoiding losses. So it’s about you know getting better from some illness that you’ve had to make sure that you don’t die. Stuff like that.

And so this is really important to know because how you frame your goal has to be in sync with what your natural mindset is or you won’t stick to it and you won’t find it very motivating.

So if you typically go for promotion goals then you have to set your goal in that way or you won’t really find it motivating.

If you typically erred towards prevention goals then you have to set your goals that way. But the point that I’m talking about today is your job. Your business has a huge influence on your natural mindset.

So for example my wife is an accident emergency nurse. And so her day to day job is preventing people dying and getting people who come in in the middle of a massive crisis get them to the point where they can go to the next stage of their health care.

So her workplace is all about prevention goals.

Whereas I’m a speaker, a stand up comic and an author so it’s all about the next big show or the next big conference or the next big book deal or something like that.

So I’m all about promoting goals.

So when we’re making goals and we have to bear that into account.

So you’ve got to remember when you’re trying to set your goal to set it in a way that the big reason why fits in with your natural mindset that the point of humour in all this if you keep bringing humour into your workplace and make sure everyone is light and open to trying new things.

Then you’ll naturally go for some more promotion goals and going for expanding your business and expanding your love life rather than just hanging onto stuff that you’ve already got and avoiding going down the gurgler.

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