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Using Humour in Business for More Engagement, More Influence and More Sales

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MORE FUNNY, MORE MONEY – Keynote, Workshop, Full Online Course

How to Use Humour in Your Speeches, Pitches and Sales Presentations for More Engagement, More Influence and More Sales 

When you’re presenting to a group do their eyes sparkle or gently glaze over? If you’re giving a speech, are they nodding in agreement or just nodding off? At the end of your new business pitch do people write you a cheque? Or check their pulse?

In business, you can’t afford to be boring.

In uncertain times like these, if you want to get your business known, your message heard and your products sold you can’t afford to be forgettable.

We remember funny

For your message and “Brand You” to survive, let alone thrive, in 2017 you must be memorable.

And funny makes ideas stick.

What are the ads you remember off the TV? The funny ones. How many conversations with childhood friends can you remember – word for word? Close to none? But how many jokes can you remember? Plenty. Funny implants in our brains far more easily and securely than facts.

So, if you can wrap your ideas up in some funny, it’s like coating your message, your brand, and your business with supa-glue for the brain.

We admire funny

Everyone’s number one fear is public speaking. Many never even try.

Public Speakers’ number one fear is being funny. Many never even try.

That’s why everyone loves and even admires the people who can successfully pull it off.

Most of this fear is based on the false belief that not everyone can do funny. Most people believe you have to be “a natural.” And like almost everything in life, the thing that most people are intimidated by is the thing that you get paid the most to do.

The fighter pilot gets paid more than the ground crew. The brain surgeon earns more than the GP. The speech, presentation or new business pitch that makes them roll in the aisles is the one that gets paid top dollar.

Stand Up, Stand Out.

Go for the big laughs and the even-bigger bucks. Be the first person booked when your industry puts on a conference. Be the one they turn to in the new business pitch. Be the go-to-guy in your field.

We buy from people we know, like and trust. And humour is the most socially acceptable way to build rapport in seconds.

Psychologists say that shared laughter creates an almost instant connection that transcends the intellect and occurs on a subliminal, emotional level.

And who doesn’t want a deeper connection – and the ability to persuade and influence that it brings – with people we are leading and selling to?

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