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Leadership in Four Words

Today I’m going to talk about the secret to leadership in four words.

I interviewed a man called Jim Hunter who is a officer in the British Army for over 25 years. So a great torture test for leadership and I asked him what is the one leadership tip you could pass on.

And he said that’s easy. “Don’t panic the troops.”

He said everything else will be taken care of by the training. Don’t panic the troops. He said that as long as they see you with that little confident half smile on your face and stay light through times of crisis then the training takes care of everything else.

That little half smile says to them, “Look I’ve been through this crap storm before. I’ll get you through this crap storm now.”

And many studies have backed this up over the years one by Martha Kramer at Harvard Business School was shown that using humour enhances how you are perceived as a leader. You’re seen as being more credible in charge and on top of the situation whether you actually are or not. Humour increases how your leadership skills are perceived.

So you use a bit of humour in your managing of people, use a bit of humour in your presentations to your people.

If you’d like some help with that come to or if you like me to come along to an event at your business to teach your people how to do that, come to

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