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I’ve never been afraid to ‘tip my lid’ at other change experts, and Dom Thurbon is one I’ve always enjoyed reading. This article on the ode management website is no exception.

The great pull out quotes for me are

“Rather than focussing on massive innovation or profound, rapid change, Kaizen asks a simple question: what is the SMALLEST possible change you could make?”

And then Dom follows up with “What happens is a snowball effect. You start small, and soon you start developing new habits to replace the old ones. All of sudden, taking larger steps seem easier because now you’re ‘on a roll’.”

It touches on a question I always ask when I’m speaking with leaders about helping their people through changing times. I always ask ‘Does the big, grand future you’re painting for your people inspiring them? Or is it just so massive they’re sitting back terrified saying “We can’t do all that!”‘

Don’t just communicate the big picture, break it down into tiny manageable tasks. Tiny tasks that don’t terrify.

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