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How To Lead In Stressful Times

Today is all about how to lead through stressful times, very important in times of change which are pretty ubiquitous in today’s business environment.

I tell a story about Nancy Fontane. She was a Professor of Nursing. And she remembers being in the middle of chest compressions, resuscitating a patient when a man who had earlier been admitted with a pear inserted when no one should ever insert a pear entered the room. Having removed the piece of fruit himself.

Nancy said she held the piece of fruit up by this and said “What should I do with this.?” Nancy said she looked up from her chest compressions and said stuff it was salina’s Bacon important top it off with cream. She said the team are all in hysterics but they all continued resuscitating the patient while “pear” man was removed by security.

And when I interviewed Nancy for one of my what I wish I knew but she said she actually did her doctorate thesis. She has an accident emergency nurse for 25 years and a doctorate thesis. And said that

Humour is actually a very serious business.

It must be celebrated as an acceptable and appropriate mechanism to cope in times of stress.

So the point that I would make is if Nancy Fontane can crack a joke in the middle of saving someone’s life when something like that happens.

Don’t kid yourself that your business is too serious to ever use humour. Start cracking some jokes particularly in the stressful times that lowers all the studies differentials, the floods the whole room with feel good hormones and get everyone working together again.

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