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How To Get Through The Tough Times

If you want to instantly find perspective in the tough times:

Make fun of your stressors, make fun of your troubles, make fun of the things that are stressing you out.

There have been loads and loads of scientific studies, including one in 2002 that found that making fun of your stressors helps you reappraise threats and reduce stress. So making fun of the things that are stressing you out it’s like it flicks a switch in the back of your brain that says to your mind: “Well I must be bigger than that. I must have control over that if I can take the mickey out of it” and that increases your personal resilience.

Another study found that deliberately cultivating a sense of humour around the things that are stressing you out

– increases personal resilience, and that gave you “greater positive affect”.That’s a psychological term for happier, more cheerful and who doesn’t want that.

So if you want to flick a switch in the back of your brain and suddenly feel on top of all your troubles start making fun of them.

There was a great study done at Stanford University where they showed people images of distressing things like car accidents, animal attacks and things like that and they got people to record their emotions and then they ran through the images again and got people to make up different scenarios that hypothetically could be happening with an emphasis on trying to find funny things that could be happening, and then recorded their emotions after that.

People who deliberately looked at upsetting photos and tried to make up funny things that could be happening found them far less stressful.

So if you’d like to handle your stressor better and get a greater positive affect you know be a bit more cheerful then make fun of the things that are stressing you out.

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