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How to Feel In Control of Stress

Today I’m talking about how to feel in control of your stress.

I’ve interviewed over a thousand people from all over the world for my What I wish I knew book series out there.

I’ve spoken to depression survivors, I’ve interviewed cancer survivors,
I’ve interviewed 9/11 survivors, I’ve interviewed World War Two survivors,
I’ve interviewed international sports men and women,
I’ve interviewed famous comedians from all over the world.

When you interview that many people some familiar themes start coming up again and again and again. And one of them is that all of them said if you laugh about it and your eightieth birthday start laughing about it now.
Everybody says it all gets so serious. And the key to living a life that you’ll end up being proud, of the key to being at the end of your days sitting on a park bench arm in arm with someone you adore. Looking back on your life with a big satisfied smile instead of a heart full of regrets, you start laughing more.

Just lighten up all those troubles that all seem huge on the day in hindsight just are not. Deliberately choose to laugh at your stressors.

I love the quote by a man called Bert Williams who says the man with the real sense of humour is the man who can put himself in the spectator’s place and laugh at his own misfortunes.

If you’d like some help laughing more in your life and using humour in your business come to

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