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How To Be the “Go To” Person In Your Niche

Today I’m talking about how to be the go to girl or go to guy in your niche.

These days, everyone has great content – stats and facts are everywhere. Anyone can find them with a Google search but almost no one is funny and can hold a crowd in the palm of their hand.

Sheri Campbell from the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humour presented a paper that showed those who use appropriate humour are seen as being more likeable than boring speakers.

And another study was found that leaders who use humour are seen as more credible and more competent and less believe.

This is because they they seem more calm more, centered and have more inner peace. So we tend to trust them more. So if you want to stand out stand up.

Go for the big laughs and the bigger bucks by being the go to girl or go to guy in your niche. Be a bit braver.

Get up and use some humour in your content and in your speaking.

If you’d like some help with doing that, please go to and if you’d like me to come and teach you how to do that teach your people how to do that at an event go to

So if you want to stand out. Stand up. Go for the big laughs in the bigger box and be the go to girl or go to guy in your niche.

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