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How To Be Happier at Work

Today I am talking about how to be happier at work.

There was a study by Cann and Colette in 2014 that found that deliberately cultivating a sense of humour, deliberately looking at things in a funny way, even deliberately constructing jokes about what is going on in your life gives you greater positive effect.

That’s a psychological term for “cheerful or happier” and who doesn’t want that.

Deliberately cultivating a sense of humour even just making up jokes about what happened on the way to work has a lasting effect on your brain and floods your brain with feel good hormones.

So when something happens at work our usual response is we leap to one interpretation and then go down this spiral act on that. From now on when you feel yourself getting pent up don’t just quickly go,
“Oh he did that because he’s picking on me”


“she did that because she’s trying to wrangle me out and get take my job”.

Ask yourself to come up with four different interpretations for any event that’s stressing you out. Deliberately force yourself to take a step back sit down get a pen and paper and write out four separate interpretations for why this could have happened or what the consequences will be. And they all have to be funny.

I promise you if you do this day after day, week after week, month after month. Psychological studies have proven that this will make you happier at work.

If you’d like some help with how to do this please go to or. If you’d like me to come along to your workplace and teach you and your people how to do this better, please go to

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