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Sell Without Fear

Healthy Resilience, Healthy Profits


SELL WITHOUT FEAR – Keynote, Workshop

MORE FUNNY, MORE MONEY – The Psychology of Using Humour and Stories to Bypass Fear in When You’re Selling Your Products, Your Ideas and Even Yourself

When you’re presenting your ideas or sales pitch do your prospects eyes sparkle or gently glaze over? If you’re giving a speech does your audience nod in agreement or just nod off? At the end of a new business pitch do they write you a cheque, or check their pulse to make sure they’re still among the living?


When you walk out on stage you have about 5 seconds to ‘sell’ yourself to the crowd – you have to be fearless within yourself AND reassure the crowd that they’re safe in your hands. This is exactly the same as every single sales call. 

There is so much fear on both sides of the sales process – you’re scared of rejection, and your prospect is scared to make a wrong decision and be ripped off. No wonder it so often goes haywire.

So while most sales speakers start with sales scripts and techniques, they ignore that when our bodies are afraid, we stop thinking straight and close off our ability to evaluate new ideas. Using humour and the power of stories pulls both you and your prospect out of your survival mindset, and this gets you back to selling and relaxes them and makes them more open to buying.


 – You Can’t Afford to Be Boring

What are the ads you remember off the TV? The funny ones and the ones that are so annoying they’re funny. Which movies and TV shows do people talk about around the watercooler? The comedies.

Funny is like coating your product, your brand and your business with supa-glue for the brain.

– We Buy from People We Know, Like and Trust

– Know: Self-Deprecating Humour gets your prospect to know you.

– Like: What’s the #1 thing people are always searching for on those online dating sites? (Yeah, yeah, like you haven’t looked.) GSOH – Good Sense Of Humour. We like funny people, and we buy from people we like.

– Trust: Honestly acknowledge the fears and anxieties of the sales process in a humorous way, and watch your prospects relax, smile and open up to you and your message as they start to trust you.


In this program Marty Wilson pulls back the curtain on the techniques stand ups use and reveals

– The 3 scientifically proven techniques stand ups use after horrible gigs that will enable you even start to enjoy bad sales calls, stay totally resilient, and do much better next time.

– The perfect way to start off any speech, presentation or sales meeting

– The trick comedians use to settle the audience right from the very start

– How to use the funny stories YOU ALREADY KNOW and tell socially to make your points in business

RD How Not To Be Scared

– The latest research which proves wrapping your sales messages up in stories bypasses your prospect’s logic centres and makes them believe what you say

– 1 secret technique Marty invented to reframe that big burst of adrenaline all humans get when we’re out of our comfort zone that takes one minute to explain, but will guarantee you NEVER see a sales pitch the same way again.

– How being scared actually changes which part of our brain does the thinking, and how this blocks our ability to stay open to sales messages

– Why the best sales scripts and techniques often fail because they ignore the fact that they’re being used in a situation that is totally loaded with fear.



Are your people overworked and overwhelmed? Is performance dropping, absenteeism on the rise, and disengagement becoming the norm? Or do your people just need to feel a bit of TLC and be given some simple strategies to improve their work/life balance?

Then they need some time with Marty Wilson. He is a third generation Pharmacist who, along with his Accident & Emergency Nurse wife, Allie, founded Wellbeing for Nurses Magazine and created the Happy Healthy Nurse training program which services an online community of 60,000 nurses worldwide.

Marty is also the author of several bestselling books on health & resilience:

What I Wish I Knew about Health & Fitness – with Fitness First

What I Wish I Knew about Cancer – with Tour de Cure

What I Wish I Knew about Type 2 Diabetes – with Diabetes Australia

and What I Wish I Knew about Depression with the Black Dog Institute


Marty’s programs aren’t a boring medical lecture telling you what you’re doing wrong, because he is also a former Australian Comic of the Year, all his tools and strategies are delivered along with mountains of hilarious stories. He gives three or four tablespoons of sugar to help the medicine go down…

 – Work Isn’t Meant to Be a Holiday – The Difference Between Working Hard and Burning Out

– Face Your Problems, Don’t Facebook Your Problems

– Stop Treating Your Body Like It’s A Rental Car. 

– How To Set Health Goals You Can Actually Keep

– If you want to get healthier – in fact, achieve anything – you will have to set some goals. Yet almost none of us have learned the scientific basics of goal setting. In 14 minutes Marty will run through 7 revolutionary new ways psychologists have discovered about setting goals that maximize your chances of success.

– The Seven Psychologies Of Resilience

 Questions For Leaders To Keep The Team Going On The Inevitable Bad Days

– When it really is hitting the fan, here are seven questions that open up psychologically proven ways to build resilient thinking.

"Marty Wilson is the funniest serious guy I know.

He makes me laugh but also challenges me to think. Marty gives every crowd deep insights, a big dose of heart and an even bigger serve of laughter. I love this guy to bits and give him my full recommendation."

Anh Do, Stand Up Comic, Film Maker, Writer, Actor

"Forget teaspoons, Marty gives the audience two or three heaped tablespoons of sugar to help the medicine go down.
A session with Marty leaves a crowd inspired to live fearlessly, communicate more openly and take themselves – and life – more lightly."

Siimon Reynolds, Author, Speaker, Founding Director of the Photon Group

"Marty is one of the most entertaining speakers I have ever seen. His message was also meaningful and thought provoking.
I would recommend Marty to any organisation."

Sue Crawford, Crombie Lockwood Insurance, NZ

"The light hearted and comic approach was the highlight of the conference. We are delighted with the extremely positive feedback we have had."

Debra Cerasa, CEO of the Royal College of Nurses

"Marty kept the entire evening moving along with his humour, while maintaining the focus on the fund raising purpose of the function. He read the night well, kept everyone engaged and he made an important contribution to the success of the evening."

Max Gosling, CEO of Cure Cancer


“While Marty Wilson is a seriously funny guy, he is also a truly dynamic and thought provoking speaker. His content is thoroughly researched and built upon sharing through the lives of many, which really sets him apart from other speakers”.

John Paul Pullicino, Commercial Lead - Global Brands, Pfizer

“In today’s fast paced world where the only constant is change, every organisation needs some time with Marty Wilson.

He has that unique ability to combine meaningful insights with a delivery style that challenges your thinking and have the room in stitches. A rare gift. I thoroughly recommend Marty to any corporate event where you are looking for fun and well researched meaning behind what you do for a living."
Greg Dalton, Head Program Delivery, Westpac

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