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Change Without Fear

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CHANGE WITHOUT FEAR – Keynote, Workshop

The Science of Managing Stress and Conquering Your Fear of Change 

A huge proportion of people are absolutely terrified of change and will use every ounce of strength they have to fight it or avoid it (the good old fight or flight). You need to understand why, and how you can hold their hand through their terror. Marty shares his vast knowledge of all the rigorous scientific evidence that proves the best way to short-circuit fear and get your people to open up to new ideas is to use large doses of humour.

And this is absolutely vital for business because as he says: “When you refuse to change, you don’t hold onto the past, you just lose the future.”

While other change management speakers talk about implementation workflow, process models, and personal transition frameworks, Marty Wilson speaks to your people like they are thinking, feeling human beings. People with hearts and minds, doubts and fears.

Marty teaches that there is absolutely no point giving your employees new systems or investing in the best new software if you can’t convince the real flesh and blood human beings to let go of ‘the way we used to do it’.

When we are scared, the evolutionary processes buried in our brains make them enter survival mode – we stop thinking straight, stick to ‘what we used to do’ and this shuts down our ability to take on new ideas. Marty’s hilarious keynote uses the perfect blend of science and rib-tickling stories to explain why we get so scared of new things in the first place, and how we can use humour to stay light, and embrace change in a powerful, user-friendly way.

In this hilarious program full of takeaway tips and advice, Marty Wilson reveals:

– How being scared actually changes which part of our brain does the thinking, and how this blocks our ability to listen, particularly to ideas that involve remembering new steps and processes.

– Why the best change management models often fail because they ignore the fact that they’re being implemented by human beings with thoughts, fears and emotions.

– The psychological reasons why laughter banishes anxiety and can help replace fear by bringing things into perspective

– 3 pieces of rigorous scientific research which proves that ‘staying light’ and keeping your sense of humour are absolutely essential for problem solving in times of high stress

– how extreme workplaces – like Hospital Emergency Departments – actively encourage humour to manage stress and reduce overwhelm

– strategies stand up comics use to manage fear before a gig, and how you can use them overcome the ‘fight or flight’ response – which is huge in times of change

– Why you have to deal with the fear in your people BEFORE you can expect them to embrace new systems, structures and methods

– the huge ROI businesses get by giving employees time to look after their health and wellbeing through times of change

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