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A Reminder Of What You Already Know

Sometimes the best bits of advice that find their way into my books are some new insight I would never have discovered myself. Other times they're a truth¬†I've always known, but expressed in such a succinctly powerful way that it makes a difference in my life because I actually remember and act on it. Stan Phani's quote is just like that for me. I've been aware of what they call 'the mind/body link' for ages, but his turn of phrase in the above deeply brought home that 'link' is way too weak a word. The mind and body shouldn't be…

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Are You Working Hard Enough?

Two weeks ago I got all charged up reading Steven Pressfield's book 'Turning Pro' and declared I'd send out a 'Wilson's Weekly Whisper' every monday - without fail. But I'm not sure if Steven, or an other 'pros', have kids who bring home gnarly, obnoxious viruses that can lay a family of five low for a whole week. Without going into too much graphic detail we've all had flu that also gives you gastroenteritis. I was beating myself up all week - as if I didn't feel bad enough already - until I found¬†this great bit of advice from Libby…

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Make More Mistakes

David Thompson is the world's best Thai chef. Bar none. His restaurant in London, Nahm, was the first Thai restaurant to be awarded a Michelin Star and has won more awards than you can poke a stick of lemongrass at. Even more extraordinarily, David was asked by the King of Thailand to come to the Royal Palace and teach his staff how to do Royal Thai Cooking properly - that's the really finicky stuff where presentation and how you 'plate something up' is even more important than it is on Masterchef. So when I went to interview David I thought…

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Welcome to what I'm loosely calling 'Wilson's Weekly Whispers.' The 'Wilson' part is pretty obvious, the 'Weekly' is due to Steven Pressfield's book getting me to 'turn pro' and committing to doing this regularly, and I'm using the word 'Whispers' because at the grand old age of 44 I find I don't need to shout so much any more. There are so many people out there desperately yelling to get attention and become 'an expert' that I thought I'd make this more of a quiet, fireside chat. I've realised that I think by writing, so by babbling on about what…

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