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It’s Time To Force Yourself To Evolve

I feel absolutely honoured - and a little nervous, I have to admit - that I've been asked to do the Allen Russell Oration, the opening plenary at the Pharmaceutical Society's Annual Conference, in August. Here's an interview they did with…

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Why Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

  As someone who speaks about change week in week out, I often get asked the question ‘Why would I even WANT to get out of my comfort zone? By definition, when I’m in there, I’m COMFORTABLE!’ There are two…

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The One Thing We SHOULD Be Scared Of

As someone who spends his life talking about being fearless in times of change, I often get asked if there’s anything I am scared of. There is only one thing, and today I’m going to talk about the one fear…

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How To Accept That Change Is Inevitable

When I talk on stage I ask the audience the rather obvious question ‘Would you rather be experiencing life or death? The crowd can sense it’s some kind of trick question, but they all vote for life. Then I say…

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When Positive Thinking Makes Change Harder

Today I’m going to talk about When Positive Thinking Makes Change Harder I believe the biggest leap forward in our understanding of how to reach our goals in recent years is the research that uncovered when to think positively, and…

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