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Two weeks ago I got all charged up reading Steven Pressfield’s book ‘Turning Pro’ and declared I’d send out a ‘Wilson’s Weekly Whisper’ every monday – without fail. But I’m not sure if Steven, or an other ‘pros’, have kids who bring home gnarly, obnoxious viruses that can lay a family of five low for a whole week. Without going into too much graphic detail we’ve all had flu that also gives you gastroenteritis.

I was beating myself up all week – as if I didn’t feel bad enough already – until I found this great bit of advice from Libby Evans-Illedge in my first book that helped me learn two lessons. Firstly, disasters do happen and you have to allow them to slap you around a bit, but – more importantly – when you ‘turn pro’, you have to work ahead of your deadlines so that nothing can derail you. From now on my Monday morning posts won’t be written Monday morning.

So trust your heart to tell you when you have to drop everything and look after those you love. But also ask yourself, “What can I do to make sure not even disaster gets between me and my dreams?”

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