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What I Wish I Knew about Success

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WHAT I WISH I KNEW ABOUT SUCCESS – Opening or Closing Keynote, After Dinner Speech

1000 Inspirational Interviews in One Hilarious Hour

If you could go back and give your younger self one piece of advice for how to live an extraordinary life, what would it be?

What’s important? What’s not? What are the things that really matter?

When you think about the distilled wisdom 1000 people, that’s over 20,000 years of life experience condensed into one hilarious and fascinating hour.

While writing the 12 editions (and counting) of his bestselling What I Wish I Knew book series, Marty Wilson has interviewed over 1000 inspirational people of all ages and from all backgrounds, and asked them to pass on the secrets of their success. From footy coach Wayne Bennett to a Buddhist Nun who works with prisoners on death row in L.A., from Comic Anh Do to a mother of eleven children, from a 911 survivor to chef Maggie Beer.

Marty’s hilarious keynote is the perfect way to start your event and get your people out of ‘work mode’ and open them up to learning new things.

In this hysterical and deeply inspirational keynote, Marty reveals

– the 7 secret strategies that his What I Wish I Knew interviewees say are the key to succeeding in business and in life

– 3 tips that increase your ability to handle the tough times we all go through, and one of them is so easy you’ll be able to flick the switch in minutes

– 5 hilarious stories that show how vital it is for leaders in business to embrace mentoring

– How to build an internal core of values and beliefs that is untouched by outside events

– Trying things that are new is the path towards a full and meaningful life – if life has a flavour, it’s not ham & pineapple

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