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Sometimes the best bits of advice that find their way into my books are some new insight I would never have discovered myself. Other times they’re a truth I’ve always known, but expressed in such a succinctly powerful way that it makes a difference in my life because I actually remember and act on it.

Stan Phani’s quote is just like that for me. I’ve been aware of what they call ‘the mind/body link’ for ages, but his turn of phrase in the above deeply brought home that ‘link’ is way too weak a word. The mind and body shouldn’t be thought of as two discrete entities mysteriously joined, they are parts of the same whole. Now, when I can feel myself ‘grumping up’ or getting down, it’s a sure sign I haven’t been sweating enough.

Almost all the people I interviewed for What I Wish I Knew about Health & Fitness  mentioned how much better every single sphere of human existence seems to go better when you keep your body moving.

But Stan said it best, and better than I can, so listen to him.